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Lapis Lazuli Butterfly

Lapis Lazuli Butterfly

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~ mind openness ~ harmony ~ truth ~

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful thought amplifier. Intuition, clarity, truth & awareness. It stimulates the higher faculties of the mind, bringing objectivity and clarity. It encourages creativity through tuning to the source. Harmonizes mental, spiritual, physical and emotional levels. Helps you to confront truth, wherever you find it, and to accept what it teaches.

{ Throat And Third Eye Chakras }

Jewelry details:
  • Full handmade
  • Genuine lapis lazuli gemstone
  • Polished butterfly shape
  • 18k gold plated
  • 18" size

Size Chart:

*Herringbone flat necklace is sold separate.

*Please expect a difference from each piece due to natural stones unique color and shape variation.


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