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7 Chakras Bracelet

7 Chakras Bracelet

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~ balance & opening ~

7 chakras bracelet is a mix of stones that helps open and balance all chakras.

The chakras are the main energy centers that are distributed along our spine, from the base to the crown. They are responsible for regulating the functioning of different organs and emotions. When there is a lack of synchrony in their functioning, imbalances are manifested, both in health and on an emotional level, that is why it is important to work so that they are aligned.

Each chakra is associated with a color and in this bracelet the seven colors are represented:

  • Red for the first chakra
  • Orange for the second chakra
  • Yellow for the third chakra
  • Green for the fourth chakra
  • Light blue for the fifth chakra
  • Indigo blue for the sixth chakra
  • Clear or purple quartz for the seventh chakra

{ All Chakras }

Jewelry details:
  • Adjustable thread
  • Genuine stones gemstone beads
  • Hexagon shaped white quartz 

*Please expect slightly difference from each piece due to natural stones unique color variations.

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