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White Turquoise Butterfly

White Turquoise Butterfly

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~ protection ~ alignment ~

White turquoise is a powerful healer.  This stone has been historically used as a protection stone for its purifying properties. It helps relax the mind and body, thoughts and emotions. Is used to open us up to the spiritual realms. Brings self-acceptance and purifying energy. It expands your consciousness and puts you into alignment with the divine. It is an excellent stone to aid you in your meditation practice, giving you easy access to heightened states of awareness.

Working with white turquoise is an excellent way to support spiritual growth and open yourself up to higher ways of thinking, knowledge, and wisdom.

{ Crown Chakra }

This stone is often associated with the Crown chakra but has the ability to realign all seven chakras.

Jewelry details:
  • Full handmade
  • Genuine white turquoise gemstone
  • Polished butterfly shape
  • 18k gold plated
  • 18" size
Size Chart:

*Liquid Gold Herringbone necklace sold separate.
*Please expect slightly difference from each piece due to natural stones unique color variations.

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